Flamingos and Change


This week I worked on a small project in my sketchbook again.  It’s the last week of term so I’m pretty tired and still struggling with my health.

I forgot to take any process pictures with this one.  So here’s the final result:

While I was working on this painting I had a big period of time when it looked bad.  I think this is quite common in art.  I had to rework the background from scratch in fact.  I painted my main subject with gouache and then tried to put a watery watercolour background in but it didn’t work so I went for a background which reflected the style of the flamingo in the end.



I am really grateful this year for the coming holidays, since my body’s a bit stressed out and unwell at the moment, but generally speaking I don’t like the summer holidays at all. I find change difficult.  I will be teaching different children next year and I will miss those I worked with this year.  I also find the change from working to holidaying quite stressful too.

I think it’s probably just the autism, my neurology seems to be very sensitive to change.  I feel like a boat afloat without an anchor or an engine when change comes.  I don’t know what I’ll be facing,  I can’t prepare for it and so I have to fight down panic when I think about it.

Comics, like Judge Dredd and Star Wars, Science Fiction and Fantasy like Harry Potter and Asimov’s Foundation series, and going fishing, these things all help.

Here’s an amazing Judge Dredd Megazine Cover by Adam Brown – all rights belong to Rebellion.

They are what is know in ASD terms as ‘special interests’.  Research has shown how an autistic’s interests help support them in times of stress and that’s certainly true for me.  They are like a safe place to go when the world is too much to cope with.


Also, for me, my faith also helps a lot, since for me,  God is always there, always loving and always the same.

10 thoughts on “Flamingos and Change

  1. Dear Jo,
    I understood, if writing a post is uncomfortable you don’t have to but I would humbly request you that you show the award on your blog nonetheless. You do not have to credit anyone, but kindly do accept the award.


  2. Hi, thanks so much for the nomination but I don’t think it’s something I can manage. I’ve had a look at your sketches on your blog – you’ve got some super stuff there! All the very best, Jo


  3. Your flamingo painting is beautiful! My mom LOVES flamingos and I grew up with her “Flamingo Garden” in the backyard, filled with all manner of plastic and ceramic flamingos, one even carved from wood. She has a few pictures of flamingos hanging around the house too. Aww, not only is this a great picture but it makes me all nostalgic for childhood. Thanks for the memories :).

    Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t add a big AMEN to God always being there! Sometimes, when everything else seems too crazy or impossible, that’s the only place we can go and faith in God is a powerful thing to always be able to turn to when we need it.

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