England in the Summer


Earlier this week I decided to have a go at painting with a less realistic look.  I decided not to allow myself to use a small brush and to make a more, what I call, ‘blobby’ painting.  My plan was to throw on some darker lower layers and then add more detail in layers and go lighter in tone as I got more detailed.  I used gouache, although oils would have been lovely for this.

Rather than painting on location I used an old photograph of a place near where I used to live.  It’s looking out from what is know locally as ‘The Bluebell Wood’ onto a local farm.

Here’s the photo…

Once I’d got the main shapes and structures down I stopped looking at the reference to avoid the temptation to make it too accurate and too close to the original.  It turned out to be a fun and easy way to paint!


I also had planned to finish my other painting but I got sick in the middle of the week.  I’m on antibiotics again.  I don’t know why I keep getting unwell so often.  My best guess is that one of two things really kicks it off.  Either I don’t get enough sleep because of the chronic pain and my immune system get’s weak because of that, or I get badly stressed about something (very frequently because of my autism) and that weakens my system too.

I have previously asked my doctor for help and advice with this and he said I need to have a ‘healthy lifestyle’.  I told him I eat a good diet, I keep my body clean, I try to get as much rest as I need, I don’t drink or smoke or take any illegal drugs.  He said I should exercise more.  This is hard because I need crutches to walk more than 10-20 metres and sometimes I end up in tears just trying to get to where my car is parked.  So I asked him how I could do that given the mobility problems I have and he just shrugged his shoulders.  I thought that was really unhelpful.

So I decided to try to manage this better on my own since he’s clearly not going to help at all.  I’m finding ways to better manage stress and allowing myself more sleep time when I miss sleep because of pain.  I’m also pushing my consumption of fruit and vegetables and topping up vitamin c.  Hopefully things will get better.  I feel so rubbish again now.



17 thoughts on “England in the Summer

  1. Sorry the comment didn’t show up straight away – comments from people who haven’t commented before have to be approved before they show up. It’s a family borthday today so I’ve been away from my computer! 😀

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  2. Jo,
    I really liked your painting! Before reading about it, I thought you used acrylic paints… I have a set of gouache, but kinda scared to use it, silly me 🙂

    Don’t give up! Your doctor… hmm… you are right, he wasn’t helpful!! I would suggest changing the doctor. Did you try to listen to a specific music to relieve your pain?

    All the best and keep smiling!

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  3. 13th July 2017

    Dear Jo,

    Thank you very much for looking at my painting by W* Joseph Wadham. Penrhyn Point is an interesting place for many reasons. As a child, I remember seeing a local and emminent surgeon walking up the creak wearing just a towel round his waiste and carrying a spear. He was feeling for flat fish with his feet so he could spear them.

    Some years later, my dad and I wanted to try to catch some of the grey mullet which swim up the creak with the tide.
    At low tide we stretched a long net across the creak and rigged it so we could erect it at high tide. All was going well. We could see that they were lots of lovely large fish in the net. Then to our horror, we saw first one then all the fish jump over the top of the net. We caught nothing. Were we trying to be too greedy?


  4. Wondeful painting Jo and a great success. Those big bold strokes and limited palette with such great colours work perfectly – a real keeper. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well but hope things are improving for you. Warm wishes…Andrew

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  5. no worries! I’d struggled with issues for close to 7 years, it wasn’t pleasant dealing with unhelpful doctors then.
    Fishing…. now that brings back very fond memories! good for you 🙂

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  6. Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂 You’re zen strolls sound brilliant. I tend to go fishing where I exercise my arms and back but not my legs and pelvis. This is quite restorative too.
    I think I am going to change doctors. I moved house last year and there are two places which are nearer so I could try them. The autoimmune thing is possible too, my son had a low IgM for his first ten years which made him vulnerable to everything. Things like that can run in families I guess. I don’t think I’m allergic – I’ve had a full allergy screen and all I have is very mild hayfever.
    I really appreciate you’re thoughts and ideas. Thank-you!

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  7. Jo I love this painting, its full of mood and your brushstrokes so expressive! yes!!! ❤
    I can fully, empathize. With that whole DR thing! sorry 'you too' have it. I got new drs. finally.
    was told "exercise" as well. went to gym trainer/yoga/pilates classes…. ended up with 3 Major new injuries because of that. They can take their 'exercise' – I will just do my mini short zen strolls. They work for me. relaxing. non taxing. fresh air. stress relievers. there is NO exercise in them whatsoever. I don't care. they are pleasant. 🙂
    I feel bad for you. please try to find some dr. who is even a little bit understanding. It makes a huge difference.
    question- could you perhaps have an undiagnosed, autoimmune disorder? could your body not be liking dairy/gluten/ processed foods sauces all of a sudden?

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