Small Art Projects

This week I worked on a few smaller fun projects, leaving my bigger painting ‘Love’s Sacrifice’ alone for a bit.  My son is doing his exams and I’ve been concentrating on being there for him.

So I began the week looking at some beautiful macro photographs of tiny animals, like this miniscule moth photographed by Johan J Ingles Le Nobel.

I’ve always loved macro photography with a passion.  So many beautiful tiny details!  Le Nobel’s work is brilliant!

I didn’t intend on sketching this picture and was just playing around in my sketchbook whilst in bed one evening when the beauty of the photograph came into my mind…

So I decided the next day to give it some colour.  I used watercolour paints with Prismacolor Pencils over the top.

Here’s the final painting…

I wish I’d got the eyes exactly the right shape as they’re the main feature of this animal’s face.  The drawing was ok but successive layers of paint slightly changed the final curve.


Next I drew an ‘Eevee’ which is a little deer Pokemon.  (Please note the design of this little guy is created and owned by the Pokemon franchise.  I just made a painting of him.)  I used gouache for the painting so I could get really bright cartoon-type colours.  It was kind of fun!

Then finally I sketched a high alititude landscape in pencil…

I think this would have been more effective if I could have created a greater tonal difference between the foreground and the background.  Part of the problem was that my scanner wouldn’t pick up very light pencil for the far mountains unless I darkened them.  There seems to be a cut off point where the scanner couldn’t see very light pencil even when it’s obvious to a person’s regular eye sight.  I could have darkened the foreground more to cater for this but I didn’t think if it at the time.

I also coloured this picture to see if adding some colour helped.  First I added three shades of green to the trees and some basic blue sky lightening towards the top.  Then I added yellow to the light areas and purple to the shadows to give the picture a warmed look.


4 thoughts on “Small Art Projects

  1. Hi Dai!
    I really enjoyed your painting of Llanegryn Village. I especially liked the light. It reminds me of many happy times in Wales.
    The photo of the moth is by a chap called Johan J Ingles Le Nobel, but I know what you mean about how humbling it is to see the detail in tiny things. I have a biology degree and it still staggers me some days!
    Thanks for your message!


  2. 3rd July 2017

    Dear JoFox,

    Thank you very much indeed for looking at and taking the trouble to comment on my watercolour of Llanegryn Village.

    I think your photo of the insect’s ‘face’ is incredible.
    Each time I see a highly magnified image, it reminds me that when I was at school, the microscopes we used had a maximum magnification of 30 x.
    How things have changed,
    I carry a hand loupe in my pocket which offers 60 x!

    It always amazes me how intricate some things like insects are in close-up.
    It is truly humbling.

    Keep safe and well,

    Best wishes,


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