Ink and Watercolour Koi

This week I played around with using watercolour and ink seperately and then together.  I began making a koi tattoo design using black ink on paper.

This was drawn in my sketchbook.

Then I thought I’d have a go at doing a proper watercolour koi carp.  I love the way watercolour spreads when it’s wet in wet and I thought that would look great with the spots you get on the back of some of the fish.

I got this all painted but the style was really loose and impressionistic.  My son liked it but I couldn’t tolerate it.  It’s odd because I love it when others are quite free in their work but I can’t stand it in mine.  So I began to tighten it up with ink.  I liked it much more this way with the black ink supplying a strong boundary and contrast for the more impressionistic red watercolour spots.  I’m not totally happy with the result but it was fun having a go.  Maybe I should try to let things be more free?


Here’s the final picture…


4 thoughts on “Ink and Watercolour Koi

  1. Jo, this is amazing. I am only hope to be half as good with watercolour. I bought my first pot of masking fluid this week. I’m looking forward to discovering how to use it properly.

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  2. Give everything a go, just don’t throw any of it away. When you come back to look at it months or even years later, you may see really cool things you thought were awful the day you made them. 🙂

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