I miss good Whiskey.  I don’t drink now because of the medication I’m on and mostly it’s fine.  But I do miss good whiskey.  There is something beautiful about sitting up late with really close friends and gently drinking a really good Irish whiskey together.

Here’s a sketch I drew this week celebrating that fine drink…



And here’s the watercolour I painted of the same subject…



The way light reflects and refracts and moves around our world completely fascinates me.  With this in mind, I have been studying how to draw light flowing through liquid and reflecting off liquid and glass recently.  At first I thought there might be a trick to it, to make it look real.  But as I learned more and more I found that, in the end, it just came down to painting exactly what you see, no matter how weird it seems to your brain.  This is what I did with this glass of whiskey, I just painted every shape, every tone and every colour.  Once I looked at it like that it was such a relaxing thing to do – it was fabulous fun!

As I look at the picture now I imagine that the whiskey there came from a bottle like this…

[Image from Web]
A beautiful drink from the wonderful Bushmill Distillery in County Antrim, and introduced to me by my good friend Peter at University.

Cheers Pete!


2 thoughts on “Whiskey…

  1. Beautifully done Jo…and thanks for sharing your thoughts to go with it the artwork. Adds that something extra special.
    And….Yeah… that medication is a bit of a bugger at times….. but just between you and me…I still ignore all that sensible stuff from time to time when no one is looking. Wink. (hic !.*.)

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