Fine Art with a Modern Feel – Beginning a New Direction

I’ve decided that, with the start of a new term, I’m going to focus on more than just sketching and inking.  After 112 days of working on this I need to branch out and do some more varied art.  So I’m bringing my sketching and inking challenge to an end.

My last sketch and ink picture is of a dog looking really fierce.  It’s quite a forceful pose and was drawn after watching a documentary on pitbull’s.  But, it does nothing for me artistically…


This was done with W&N brush markers and a copic multiliner.


I’ve been longing to work on some new exciting things in watercolour and acrylic (seperately) and I’ve also been wondering about using oils too.  I want, eventually, to work on more fine art type projects but with a modern feel to them.  During the time I was sketching and inking a strong feeling of going in this direction was growing in me.  I’m not sure what will be the final result of following this latest quest but I think it’ll be good fun.

So, in the meantime, I began my new days of freedom with a regular pencil drawing of a grasshopper.  It was a real joy to use a pencil to do more than just sketch…



After that I began to play around in my sketchbook with ideas on how to draw water realistically.  It’s something I’ve been fascinated by and will look at in more detail at a later date.

This was inspired by a YouTube timelapse drawing by ‘TutoDraw’…

Here’s my picture.  Without using reference for the new fish, I changed it to be a Siamese Fighting Fish – one of my most favourite fish in the world.  This was a mistake as I didn’t get the shapes right, especially around the eyes.  However, what I was really concentrating on was the water and I felt that at least this part of the drawing was OK, at least as a beginning…


This was drawn using PrismaColor Pencils.

Then finally I settled down to a more detailed watercolour painting.  I love drawing animals of all kinds.  So here he is – Gareth the Goldfish…


I used W&N Professional Watercolour paints on cold pressed watercolour paper.  I didn’t make any preliminary sketches here, just drew in pencil straight onto my final sheet.  It was SO MUCH FUN to paint properly in watercolour again!

It made me feel so happy that all I could think of was this scene from the movie ‘Despicable Me’…


4 thoughts on “Fine Art with a Modern Feel – Beginning a New Direction

  1. Thanks! I’m OK with the prismacolors at the moment I think. I also use Derwent Watercolour Pencils which I like a lot if I want to mix them with traditional watercolour. The Lumiere’s do sound amazing though. I might buy a couple just to see what they’re like!
    Thanks again!


  2. Hi there, while i used to think PrismaColor pencils were the best, i have fallen in love love love with Caran d’ache Lumiere wax pencils, for their guaranteed lightfast colors and lipsticky creaminess of application. When i need a really sharp fine line i switch to Caran D’ache Pablo oil-based pencils, which are somewhat harder so they are less creamy but keep the line brighter. I really would never go back to prismacolors, except when there is a shortage of supply in my precious Lumieres…but i would warn anyone wishing to make the switch that the cost differential is huge. While it is worth it to me, and Lumiere coverage is superb, in the U.S. (Just to give you an idea) i can get prismacolors open stock for $1.00/pencil but Lumieres cost at least $3.50/pencil, so switching is not something to do without considering cost, but your pictures will immediately show the difference in sheer brilliance of color.

    Just to add my two cents! Btw, i Am enjoying your art immensely.

    Pam from Wagbog

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  3. Thanks! I love the meditative aspect of drawing too. I get to this place where I’m completely relaxed and focussed at the same time. In fact I was teaching some art with an infant class today and got so relaxed that I began to whistle, which the children tell me isn’t allowed (Only my second term in this school). Thanks again, Jo

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  4. wonderful godfish! & i love the water–that’s, wow.
    i have been doing ink pictures–trying to do one a day when life doesn’t get in the way–and i keep wondering when i will be ready to do something more involved. right now it’s a good exercise and meditation.
    kudos on moving forward! ❤

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