Days 83 to 89 – Kyoto, Keys, Water and Watercolour

I began this week with another ink sketch on white paper.  Again I tried to work without making any pencil marks beforehand.  This time I chose a landscape as my subject rather than a person.  I found this harder as I had to think about perspective but couldn’t draw any guidelines.  It was challenging but was a good exercise.  It took about 20 minutes in all.  The sketch is of a famous street view in the Japanese city of Kyoto.  It’s somewhere I’d love to go one day.

Here’s the sketch…


Later in the week there was a night when I couldn’t sleep as my pain condition was causing me problems so I began to sketch some water droplets.  Previously that evening I’d watched a beautiful YouTube video by an artist called   ‘LethalChris Drawing’ who made an Inktober Sketchbook this year.  In it he had a lovely picture of some waterdroplets on a leaf.  Working from what I could remember from the video I sketched some water of my own using a worn out felt tip.  I was really surprised at how many line variations I could get with a pen I would normally throw out.  It wasn’t even a pen for writing on paper, but for putting names into my son’s school uniform from years ago.

So here’s Chris’ YouTube video (the waterdroplet is at approximately 11min 46 seconds)…

And here’s my sketch done with nothing but a worn out felt tip…


The following day I tried a more detailed ink sketch, again without any pencil lines beforehand.  This turned out to be the best one I’ve done.  It was based on a scene I had seen in a beautiful anime film called “5cm Per Second”.  (Wiki article here)

In the film our protagonist drops his keys in a lift.  The animators drew some beautiful keys with reflections and shadows.  It really blew me away – I loved it.  The whole film was wonderful.  So I watched that part a few times and then tried to draw the keys.  Here’s the final result of my drawing…


It’s nowhere near as good a picture as the original from the animation team at CoMix Wave Inc, but it does serve as a reminder of that lovely image.

Then I spent the rest of the week drawing 4 quick ink drawings (again with no pencil preparation) and then colouring them in different ways.  I am trying to find a way to use watercolour with ink drawings.  Here are the four images I made…


I like the deep colour gradients in the top left one and the watercolour wet in wet background in the bottom right best.

I find, for me, the bottom left picture is too fussy and the top right is kind of ruined by using greyscale water-based markers under the paint – they don’t give a clean finish – I’d have done better to darken the aquamarine directly I think.  Also, I used only flat colour here and it kind of shows.  I think using analogous colours together for each wash works much better and gives things a more lively look.

So that was the art I worked on this week.     🙂

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