Days 77 to 82 – From Scribbles to the Central Line

I began this week making an ink drawing without lifting my pen off the paper.  I decided to draw my little dog.  In the end I did lift up my pen twice in the drawing but it wasn’t intentional – just habit.  The idea of this exercise was to try to loosen me up a bit.  I find it all too easy to want every pen stroke to be perfect.  While I think that’s OK if you can still draw freely, I sometimes get hung up about messing up a drawing or painting.  I guess there is always going to be a degree of tension when anyone creates something but I try to keep that as a positive tension.  Personally I think the secret for me is a bit of bravery and a focus on enjoying drawing (or painting) rather than results.

After the ink drawing I coloured the picture with watercolour.  I think my relaxation really helped with this and I found ways to play with the paint rather than fight it!

So, here’s my little dog…



Then I went on to work on the issues I have with using watercolour to add colour to comic style ink drawings.  Here’s my initial drawing already inked…


(This was done as a double page spread in my notebook.)

My use of colour has been a bit of a weak spot so I’ve done some studying of colour harmonies…


This gives me a better basic visual language when it comes to colour.

I used what I’d learned about colour to design my colour scheme for the picture roughly in Manga Studio.  Here’s the plan I made…


Then I painted it in my notebook…


Considering it’s not on watercolour paper I’m kind of OK with this one but it’s really not where I want it to be.  I can feel things moving forward with this kind of work but it’s slow progress at the moment.  What I’m really looking for is a way to add a limited palette of colours to my ink drawings and lineart which I really like.  I want them to have the strong rich colour and smooth gradients of a digitally coloured piece but with some texture and warmth which comes more often from more traditional painting.

After all of that colour work I then spent some time drawing with black ink on white paper.  I decided to do this with no pencil work beforhand.  I found it quite a challenge making final marks on the paper from the very first stroke but it feels like a healthy kind of challenge.   Here they are…



This second one of a man waiting for a central line underground train interested me and I tried a little “mixed-media-messing-about” with it…


I kind of like the way the two media clash quite harshly but at the same time the subject matter pulls them strongly together.  The background image is a photograph with added digital work to make the ground for the figure to stand on.  I also dropped the opacity of the background to make the figure stand out really well.


4 thoughts on “Days 77 to 82 – From Scribbles to the Central Line

  1. Thank-you for your kind words. 🙂 Did you enjoy Rome? I’ve never been. It sounded good. I’d love to see your sketches if you feel like sharing.

    In terms of me being productive I think it’s just because drawing and painting relaxes me and I really need that – so I do it whenever I have a chance. Thanks again!


  2. so talented and innovative. I think it is amazing that you can make exercises that challenge you, and then push it even further. You are also so productive. I have been in rome for a week, but only found time to do two sketches.. and then they are not very good. You inspire me Jo.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The colour scheme on your watercolour came out quite well, definitely has a manga sci fi look.

    Your dog is so cute !

    Liked by 1 person

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