Days 73 and 74 – City Lights

This painting began as a relaxed bit of sketching while I was waiting to collect my son from school after his band rehearsal.

I sketched it out roughly in pencil and then did most of the design for the image in pen.  Here’s the final ink drawing…


Then I painted it with watercolours using them as strongly as I could to get some really bright colours.  I used a restricted pallette of mainly yellow red and blue, although I did diverge a bit from this adding some purples and oranges too.  Then I painted the city  and the swirls in the water with gold coloured acrylic paint.

It’s quite hard to show you what it finally looks like because, neither the scanner nor the camera can pick up the shiny reflections you get from the gold paint when you just look at the picture normally.

So I scanned and photographed it to try to give you an idea.  Here’s the scan which makes the city gold colour look quite dull…


And here’s a photo of the same picture with light reflecting on the gold – this is more what it actually looks like…


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