Days 66 and 67 – Steampunk on the Thames

I’ve been playing around with steampunk on an off for a couple of days in the last few weks.  This is the picture I was working up to making.  It’s still not perfect but it’s beginning to be more like I want it to be.

Here are the sketch and ink drawings…





Then I coloured it in Manga Studio 5…


I am pretty pleased with the final result although, for my taste it could be a bit more gnarly and less smooth.  I think if I’d shaded it in pencil and then done some digital colour on top that would have helped a lot.  (I think I was seduced by the purity of the black ink on the white paper and didn’t want to touch it.)


For anyone who’s interested, I took some process screen prints of my digital colouring…

I've put in some sky and water and a bit of the base colour for the embankment.
I’ve put in some sky and water and a bit of the base colour for the embankment.



I’ve added some colour for the Houses of Parliment across the river.



More work on the background. I am trying to keep the colours and tones a bit muted to make the foreground stand out.



Background complete.



Finished the hat.



Done the coat and mechanical bird.


And here’s the finished image again…



6 thoughts on “Days 66 and 67 – Steampunk on the Thames

  1. I tend to sketch and ink in a traditional way and then scan the ink drawing in. This particular one was done in a small sketchbook which makes every error on the linework bigger when I use it in a digital image. Still, it’s good pratice for getting my linework a bit tighter. I have tried sketching directly into the PC with a drawing tablet but I prefer paper and pencil by quite a long way.
    Thanks for your comment!


  2. Hi, i found this post very interesting! I have not used any digital process in my art. Do you also do your sketching via digital media or do you use pencils and such and then scan in the hard copy drawing for digital coloring? Just wondering how this works as the sketch itself looks to me entirely freehand…thanks for your response. Pamela from Wagblog.

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  3. Wow – thanks Dave – your comments are always so very encouraging! I work with little children (5-7yrs), teaching special needs. I will give your book idea some thought. Thanks again, Jo 🙂

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  4. Jo, as always this is incredible work. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing with us the processes you use to complete a picture.

    I have been wondering if there is a children’s book inside you. You certainly can develop characters as an illustrator…perhaps you could think of a story and create your own characters to make a book.


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