Days 60 to 62 – Sketch, Ink, Watercolour – Coffee Shop #1

Another observational sketch today.  This was done in pencil in my notebook…


A few days later I decided to ink the drawing…


I left the pencil shading in.  I like the mixture of ink and pencil.  🙂

Then, after a lot more thought, because I really like ink drawings as they stand, I coloured it using watercolour.  I did it mainly, I think, because I need the practice.

Here’s the final image… (I cropped it too because I didn’t like the balance of the original.)



At school when we ask the children to evaluate their work we ask them to think of ‘two stars and a wish’ which means two things which are good and something to work on.  So, if I were to do that here I’d say, I like the ink with pencil work I’m doing, I like my attempt at reflections on the table and I wish I could paint with watercolour in a way that I like.

(Oh help – I’ve got more wishes than stars really – I also wish that I could learn to see value accurately in coloured images and I wish that I could choose better colours.)

2 thoughts on “Days 60 to 62 – Sketch, Ink, Watercolour – Coffee Shop #1

  1. There are a couple of ways to see value better in color images. One is to squint at the image. If areas blend together, you know there isn’t enough of a value difference there. The other is to get a piece of (preferably) red cellophane and look at the image through that. It will also tell you if there isn’t enough difference between light and dark in your colored image. If you’re not color-blind this should work.

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