Days 57 and 58 – Hooded Manga Man – Watercolour Vs Digital Colour

Originally, all I wanted to draw in this image was a man in a hooded robe.  Inevitably, for me,  he turned into a Jedi!

So here’s my lineart…


Originally I planned to paint this in watercolour.  My first draft of the watercolour looked weak and uneven…


So I painted over it with a second layer – evening out the colour and generally trying to save the picture.  He’s how the second draft looked…


It still wasn’t how I wanted it to be, so I coloured it in Manga Studio.  I think it’s better coloured digitally, even though I rushed the digital colour work in about 20 minutes.  I just have to work harder and practice more with watercolour I think.  Here’s the final digital picture…


4 thoughts on “Days 57 and 58 – Hooded Manga Man – Watercolour Vs Digital Colour

  1. Upon viewing the video, I believe that the only thing you are doing which is incorrect is listening to the wrong music. (This is a joke, in case you had doubts). Carry on!

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  2. Yup – I do know what you mean. Some mediums are better for some styles of art. The thing is I’ve been looking at this manga watercolour technique which a lot of people are doing – it looks beautiful, better than digital colour from my point of view. I just can’t get there yet. (Here’s an example.. ).
    Thanks for a super comment!

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  3. I could be wrong (of course!) but I think it may be that for this style of drawing the Manga Studio just works better than watercolor. Unless you practice putting down really rich soupy watercolor. I always find that hard to do because, especially if I’m using tube colors, they dry out before I get a chance to lay down a good deep color. instead of your transparent watercolor, you might try gouache–I think the opaqueness of it might give you more of the look you’re after. And it can always be thinned with watercolor to look just like the transparent stuff 🙂 just in case you need that.

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