Days 51 and 52 – An Experiment with Watercolour in Manga

So today I had a go at painting a couple of manga ink sketches I’d done in my notebook with watercolour.  The sketches were based on one of Mark Crilley’s Manga books.

The paper really struggled to take the watercolour especially when I was trying to do a wet on wet wash.

Here are the images…



Then I took an old discarded manga ink drawing I’d done before.  I’d not bothered with it because I’d drawn the girl with her face turned away and mostly hidden by hair and I don’t think the way I did that worked very well – it made her face look odd.

Then, since it was on a stronger paper, I had a quick go at colouring it with watercolour.  I started out laying down gradients of colour, wet on wet as a kind of background for each part of the drawing.  Then I painted wet on dry to get some clearer details and cell shading type shadows.



Although the initial drawing is a bit faulty I’m happy with this attempt at using watercolour.  It will take some work but I think I could learn to using this medium well for colouring comics / manga if I dedicate myself to it.  I think it looks better than digital colour – has more interest and texture.


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