Days 47 and 48 – A bit of Orcish Fun

I watched the DVD of the new Warcraft film yesterday.  It was brilliant.  There was, of course, a lot of CGI in it but they didn’t use it to show off the CGI but to tell the story.  I really loved it.  My favourite part of the story is when the Mage Novice Khadgar researches the Fel and makes loads of papers and drawings and notes in his room.  I love the feeling of that room so much.  My second favourite part of the film is the depiction of the Orcs – they are completely fabulous.

So I had a play at inking an Orc using cross-hatching.  Here’s the ink…



Then I started to work on it digitally – putting in some grey tones…


I think the greys do help to give better shape to the face than the crosshatching alone.

Then for no particular reason I decided to try to paint the orc traditionally with watercolour.  I would prefer to do it in marker pen but copics are too expensive so I need to find an alternative.

Here’s the finished painting…


It doesn’t particularly grab me but it did show me that I can get quite bright fun colours with watercolour.  I’m going to research using watercolour with ink manga / comic art.  It might make a good combination.  When I do eventually write my own Manga story I want the final thing to be a good well-told story with beautiful artwork.  I want the art to be able to stand alone as art as well as tell the story.  Hmmm, nothing like aiming high!  Never mind, I’ve got years to get there.  🙂



4 thoughts on “Days 47 and 48 – A bit of Orcish Fun

  1. Many thanks! I’ve looked briefly and can’t find them. Perhaps they don’t sell to the UK, or maybe I need to look more thoroughly. I’ll look again later. 🙂 Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!


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