Days 25 and 26 – a dinosaur egg

I wanted to make a simple picture of a dinosaur breaking free from an egg.  Here’s the ink sketch…


Now what I’d really like to do is to colour it with copic markers.  I think that way of colouring would work brilliantly for this subject.  But copics are just ridiculously expensive  – I just can’t ever imagine having the kind of money that would allow me to spend that much on a set of markers.  They must be making a killing from selling those things.    So, I have to find another way.

I tried to colour the picture with gouache…


It was OK but it’ll take some good hard practice to get it looking good.

I also had a go at colouring really quickly using digital tools in Manga Studio.  I was cooking dinner at the time and only had a five minute window before I had to get back into the kitchen.  Here’s the result of that escapade…


It’s kind of rough but it turned out much nearer to what I’d originally wanted than the gouche.  I think because I was only investing 5 minutes into this job I was kind of free to just slap on the colour and not worry about it.  Perhaps I will try to do that with gouach?


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