Days 23 and 24 – Cityscape

Today I sketched out a little city scene using one point perspective.  I wasn’t really concentrating – more just in that quiet creative place where your doing what you love doing and not worrying about it.  Anyway, I forgot to photograph my sketch so I’ve only got the inked line art and the finished picture to show you.

I inked this in my usual Staedtler liner pens.  I knew I wanted to paint over it with watercolour and the Japanese brush pen I bought seems to have ink which runs when I paint over it.

Here’s the ink:


I had the most fun playing around with the people and the advertising sign.  As a design I think it’s OK but it doesn’t seem to have any flare or joy or life to it – it’s a really flat boring image – more like a poorly drawn cartoon than a piece of artwork.

Anyway, next I tried to add colour to it using watercolour.  It’s such a lovely medium and yet I find it SO hard to make it work well.  With lots of practice I can produce something basically OK  but I am not a natural.  I find it tricky.

So here’s what I ended up with…




Rather than photograph the picture I scanned it in and lost some of the lighter coloured browns and greys on the paths and road.

I pretty pleased with the cyan coloured modern building – I had in mind a modern lab based in my hometown and my picture got close enough to that to remind me of it.  The building I least like is the one on the top right – again it’s based on an old 60’s building which used to be in our town but was pulled down due to concrete cancer.  I don’t think it was ever as ugly in real life as I’ve made it!

I also looked at what it might have been like if I’d coloured it in grey tones rather than full colour:


I think this greyscale version of it really shows up a massive weakness I have when I work in colour – a lack of tonal range.  It desperately needs more darks.  Just darkening the road sigificantly would really help I think.


Ho hum, time for bed now.  My chest infection has come back and I’m on more antibiotics.  I’m managing at work but I am really shattered now.  Night night…



4 thoughts on “Days 23 and 24 – Cityscape

  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for your kind encouragement. 🙂 I work with special needs children and was doing just that only this week – although it was for their science lessons rather than for a book! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re struggling with depression. I know that can be terribly hard. I’m so glad you got in touch – I think of you as a friend and was worried that I’d made some autistic social blunder. Sometimes even simple social things like knowing what to say to some things stumps me completely and I panic. Anyway, I hope Uni treats you well and perhaps eases off a little. Lovely to hear from you! ^-^ !!

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  2. Hey Jo, This is so good. I wonder if you have thought about using your line drawings to create a children’s colour in book. You are so talented. I’m envious, but also your biggest fan. Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. Depression is a bummer and Uni is extremely busy at the moment.

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