‘I Robot’

Of the few robot sketches I did a couple of days ago, my favourite was this one which I redrew a bit bigger…




Here’s him inked…




And here’s my final version coloured digitally…




I had him with his head on one side because that is what my dog does when I speak to her sometimes.  My guess is that she doesn’t know what I’m saying.  I wanted my robot to be like that – a bit confused by human speech sometimes.  It’s like he’s really logical and just doesn’t get it.  I think I’m a bit like that too from time to time!

Looking at the robot critically I think he looks more like a human in a helmet and armour than a robot.  If I were continuing the design, to draw his body, I would have to make it look clearly different from a human body to make this design for the head work.  I like the way the ‘shine’ worked out – I find that stuff hard.


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