Challenge Days 5 and 6

While I’m still going to sketch or ink everyday I’ve decided to post every other day.  I think it makes for more interesting posts.

So for day 5 I sketched a male hair style – short and spiky. Rather than just having himthere on his own on the page I added him to the page I’d made previously with the two girls.

Here’s the sketch…



Again I used Mark Crilley’s brilliant book on Manga as a source for his hairstyle.  Here’s how I combined his picture with that of the girls:



Then, on Day 6 I inked this sketch:




Here’s how the whole thing looked when I was finished.  Again I used only black pen for this work.  I have ordered some new brush pens including a grey one, but they are coming from Japan by ship and so may take a couple of months to get here.



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