Challenge Day 4 – girly hair inked

Yesterday I sketched out some girly hairstyles using Mark Crilly’s Manga books as a source.  Here’s yesterday’s sketch:



Then I had a big dose of fun in inking it.  I didn’t use my grey manga felt pen this time.  I just went for black ink on white paper and made it more fun by adding some shading lines and by making the lines in shadow a bit thicker.  I really like the effect of this.


Looking at this picture critically I can see that some of the lines at the end of certain hair strands are not as clean as I would like.  Also when I tried to add shadows to face of the girl on the left I used dashed lines.  However, I think dashed lines on the face don’t really work so well, especially near the bottom of the face, as the marks can be confused for a beard!!!  On the girl on the right I used the dashed lines again but kept away from the jaw area and I think it was more effective.

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