Styles of Scenery

When finishing off the lake scene I wondered what style I wanted to use.  There were two things I thought about playing around with.  The first is the colour of the line art in the picture.  I frequently find that I like manga and comic scenes with more subtle line art.  So I played around with it and tried some brown line art.

Here’s the original…

fishing lake black line art


And here’s the one with the brown line art…

fishing lake rbown line art

I think it adds warmth to the picture but I’m not sure about it as an effect.

The second thing I was thinking about was whether to use colour or grey scale or even duotone.  In the end I made a gryscale version and a duotone version (with black and medium brown as the two colours)

Here they are:

Fishing Lake_greyscale_WEB


Fishing Lake_duotone sepia_WEB

I think I like the duotone best.  Without the colour the light reflected in the lake takes on a stronger quality which I like.  I also think it ties the scene together better which probably says more about my colour choices than anything else.


I would be really interested in any feedback on these options if anyone has the time.  🙂



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