New Dragon Designs

Well, I didn’t feel the last dragon I designed was feminine enough.  The idea I have in my head is that she is going to be like a teenage girl in a dragon’s body.  My plan is to call her ‘Suzi’.

So first I simplified my previous design a bit and then tried it out sketching three views – front, side and three-quater view.

This is how that went…

ScanDragon Design2Front


ScanDRagon Design2Side


ScanDRagon Design2ThreeQuart


I found the different views of this design difficult and fiddly to draw.  If she’s going to be a main character I need something cute but a bit more simple.


Then I came up with..

ScanDragon Design3Front


This has the cute girliness I wanted but as I was settle down to sleep that night I had an idea to simplify her just a little bit more.  I quickly drew it on the back on an envelope…

(It’s not the best sketch but it was only an inch high.)

Then I played around with this design in the other two views:

ScanDRagon Design3Side


ScanDRagon Design3ThreeQuart

Now I think I’ve finally got a dragon design I can really use.  SO my next step is going to be to make to better quality drawing of all three views and see what style of lineart I want to use and what, colour or greyscale shading.


7 thoughts on “New Dragon Designs

  1. It did take quite a few. I decided in the end to try to make her generally just cute and make her look more fierce using her eyes when I want to. They’re a shape which really lends itself to being fierce if I make them more angular. I can make her nostrils flare too, and perhaps add some fire! Thanks for your comment!


  2. She definitely looks like a girl. Good luck on working out her final look. I think you are on your way to something very cute!

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