Manga Dragon – first colour

So although I’m going to change my dragon design I thought I’d use the old design to play around and look at what colour she’s going to be.  My favourite colours are actually opposites on the colour wheel – blue that’s really close to purple and yellow that’s really close to orange.  I gave these a try.


First I painted in the flat colour…

DRagon COlour Flats


Then I added some shading and changed the eyes.  In making my ink drawing I’d put the shine for the eyes on the left and then went on and put the shadows for the whole picture on the left too which is wrong.  To correct this I deleted the drawn eyes and repainted them digitally with the shine on the right.  I also removed some line work on the nose which I don’t like.

Here’s the shading without the drawing over the top:

Dragon shaded colour


And here’s my final dragon – well the first draft anyway…


Dragon Colour FIN_WEB

All of this except the border was done in Manga Studio which I find much easier to use than photoshop for this kind of work.



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