Manga Fishing – Part 3

Today I drew my manga fisherman, ‘Sam’,  in three-quater front view.  This is the view I worked on before I attempted this fisherman exercise and I think I did find  it easier because of the previous work.

Here’s the contruction sketch…

contructionlines 34 view_FIN_WEB


(I had to really push the levels for this to show on the scan because I’d drawn it really lightly.  This is why the paper looks dirty.)


Then, rather than using the same process as before, I wanted to try something one of my favourite comic artists does.  His name is Doug Wheatley and he drew some of the Dark Horse Star Wars ‘Dark Times’ series.

Here’s his cover art for ‘The Path to Nowhere’ from than series.


Dark Time Wheatley


I really love the line art in Doug’s work, the softness it has and the detail.  I reseached this for ages, wanting to know how you get it like this and I think he scans in his pencils and uses them instead of inking.  In an interview I read he talked about doing this and then adjusting the levels to get it to look just right.

So I thought I’d have a gotat using my pencils instead of ink.  I drew a pencil drawing.

34 view pencils_FIN_WEB


Then I scanned it, adjusted the levels and coloured it.  I put the line work on top and used photoshop’s ‘multiply’ blending option to bring the colour through the line art layer.

This is the final version with standard cel shading.



34 view full colour fisherman_FIN_WEB

I think it kind of works, although I think next time I will have to keep my pencil work cleaner and more accurate.  I’d also be interested to see what this technique looks like with full 3D effect gradient shading.  I might try that when I’m working on another design.




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