Manga Fishing

Yesterday, through the post came Mark Crilly’s two books about how to draw Manga.  Some of the stuff in them I already know but a lot of it I don’t.  However, all of it looks fun so I’m going to work through it.

manga books crilley


The first few exercises are on head views of young adult males and females.  I thought, to make this a bit more fun, I would try to create  a male and a female young adult character and then attempt to draw them in different views.  While I’ve drawn manga heads before, I’ve never yet attempted to draw an individual character from many views, which I’m guessing is a vital skill for writing comics.

So, I thought I’d start with the young adult male.  This morning, just before I sat down to draw, I went off to a local commercial fishery to collect some fishing gear I had on order.

fishing gear


Here’s the fishery I went to:

Last weekend I had my first ever fishing lesson there.  It was brilliant!  I totally loved it.  The lad that taught me was quite young but he was still a very good teacher and very knowldgeable about fishing.

Because of the chronic pain condition I have I can no longer go out walking, rambling and hiking, which used to be a big hobby of mine.  For a while I felt sad at this loss and then I thought about finding something which I could do instead where I could be outside in a beautiful location without having to walk.  Fishing was the ideal solution so long as I could cope with the maggots.  Well it turns out I can!

So, having been reminded of this wonderful experience this morning, I decided to make my male character a fisherman.  I began to sketch using the construction lines Mark outlines in his book.

initial sketching out
Initial sketch with construction lines.


pencils complete
Final pencils.

Here is the final ink drawing:




Then I scanned it into my PC and coloured it using a fairly retro colouring method which uses only one or two shades.

So Here’s my first drawing of my finished character.  I think I’ll call him ‘Sam’



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