Comic Portrait Study – Brody

Last night I watched another Mark Crilley YouTube video where he gives ten tips which helped him to get better at drawing.  It was brilliant.  Have a look just below if you want.  Mark is a professional artist and comic book creator.

One of the tips I thought was great was to do some studies of artists you really like.  Well I really like Mark’s work so I thought I’d do a study on that.

Here’s Mark’s Original (from his comic series Brody’s Ghost which is fabulous)…

Brody's Ghost 2 Inside 1

I did the picture of Brody doing situps first and then I did the one of him leaning over catching his breath.  For the second one I remembered to take some process photos which show how I built up the sketch.

So I began with some quick contruction lines…


…and then fleshed him out to a regular figure shape. ( I also decided to add feet – just for fun!


Then once I’d inked these two sketches I scanned them into photoshop and added some tones.  I also added extra shadow tones to the trousers of both figures.


Here’s the ink study before I added the digital tones…

scan brody


Here’s the finished Comic Book style study…


brody study_FIN_WEB



I’m really amazed at how watching Mark work on YouTube and then studying his work has helped my line art.  I think doing studies of artists you really like is a very powerful tool for getting better at drawing.

Thanks Mark – great job!



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