Aslan – the Lion of Judah

Inspired by C.S. Lewis’s wonderful Narnia books I wanted a picture of Aslan for my bedroom.  I’d been thinking of painting this for years and had a canvas all ready with the background paint on and a pencil sketch lightly over that.  Although my flat is not sorted out yet, I really wanted to paint again so, over the course of a few days as my pain is not great at the moment, I gave it a go.


First I sketched over my pencil marks witha sketch in paint  and then began to flesh out the design.

Sketching in Paint

I was thinking of using the colours for C3PO and R2D2 but it didn’t look right – the blue was too cold.

So I switched to entirely warm colours…



I gradually went over all the blue using yellows, browns and blacks.




When I added a darker brown I used a lot of red in it to warm the picture even further.  This is the finished picture…




In terms of design it’s a  bit of a departure for me – being more abstract than realistic. In a way it’s a mixtiure of the two styles I’ve worked on previously – realistic painting and contemporary abstract acrylic.  The base coat of paint for this painting was acrylic and I used gouache over the top.


This is the very first time when painting that I’ve really relaxed and found a freedom to just paint and see what happens.  I think it’s because it was on this old canvas which was I thinking of throwing out so I wasn’t worried about the cost of failing.  It was super to paint again.  I have really missed it.

9 thoughts on “Aslan – the Lion of Judah

  1. Me too – when I read teh stories as a child I didn’t really get the allegory – in fact I didn’t know there was anything to get. I reread them as an adult having read about the allergory and really loved them.

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  2. welcome back Jo, and a triumphant return it is. I love the ASLAN painting. I fondly remember reading the series when I first became a Christian. I found it difficult to see the allegories, but then reread it before the movie came out and was blown away. I love the eyes on the finished product.

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