Giger and the National Gallery

This weekend I was supposed to visit the National Gallery again.  I was really looking forward to it.  However I started having problems with my sinuses again – sore thoat, bad head and face ache, swollen glands and a mildly high temperature.  So I wasn’t well enough to go.  I ended up going to bed really extra early last night and reading some more of William Gibson’s ‘Idoru’ before wiping out completely and sleeping for more than 12 hours straight.


The bit of ‘Idoru’ I was reading was describing Tokyo in the future after a terrible earthquake had pretty much levelled the place.  In this story it had been rebuilt really quickly using nanotech – tiny microscopic machines which are programmed to build things.  The buildings which were made like this had a strange alien, organic look.  One of the characters in the book describes them as ‘…like Giger’s paintings of New York.’   Well I wanted to understand this reference so I looked it up and found this artist who designed the aliens in the classic sci-fi film ‘Alien’.

Some of the paintings are quite disturbing to look at but some are really fascinating too.  For me it’s similar to watching a TV show like ‘Criminal Minds’ where you get to hear how some really bad people think and behave and you get this feeling like you want to know but you don’t want to know at the same time.  Some of the Giger art I really don’t like – especially the stuff with sort of sexual overtones.  I’m really uncomfortable with that.  But some of it looks like this weird alien technology and I really like that.  I’m thinking of doing some sketches using Giger’s style as a ‘jumping-off point’.  I might even try to draw my idea of Gibson’s San Francisco Bridge that way, or perhaps my idea of his distopian future Tokyo.


Here’s some of Giger’s work:

Giger Painting
Giger Painting


Giger Painting
Giger Painting


Giger Painting
Giger Painting


Giger Painting
Giger Painting


What I’m thinking is that it might be possible to develop a new style from this kind of focus by using less black and more colour and light to make it softer and less scary- looking.  His pictures are amazing, if quite weird.  It’s not quite the National Gallery experience I was hoping for today, but is still really interesting.


Post Script:

I was looking around the internet and I came acorss this brilliant picture of Gibson’s SanFrancisco Bridge by an artist on DeviantArt.  The artist’s name is  DahliaInosensu. (<- please click to go to her DeviantArt pages)

I think it’s amazing!

Beautiful Artwork by Dahliainosensu!


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