New Project – Chameleons

Initially I trained as a biologist, mainly because I find living creatures astoudingly beautiful.  One of the world’s livings things which I’m really fascinated with at the moment is the chameleon.  They are amazing looking animals and can be so colourful.

Here are some photographs I found on the internet.  (NB.  None of these are my photographs – I have tracked down original photographers or linked to original images where it’s been possible.)

Here’s a  baby:


Baby Chameleon by Chris Miller

This is by Paul Bratescu from Flicker:


And here’s a really colourful one.  I couldn’t track down the author of this.


So I began with some sketches…


With this one I was kind of getting warmed up  to my subject.  I had only looked properly (with artist’s eyes) at a few chameleons when I sketched this.  I think it makes a real difference how well you know what you’re drawing.



Then I spent some more time looking at chameleons, especially looking at video because I think it really helps to understand how these creatures move and how their bodies fit together to draw them properly.

My next sketch was much better:


So in the next few days I’m going to transfer the sketch to watercolour paper and have a go at painting this little lady (I think it’s female veiled chameleon).



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