I have a friend who’s recently had to rehome her dog for health reasons.  She loved him to bits and taught him a lot about how to be a really good boy.  He’s now gone to another family and is very happy but this has left my friend feeling understandably really very sad.  So I offerred to paint her a picture of him, as a gift.  She sent me some photos by email and I had a  go.


This was my first sketch of him:



Then I had a go in watercolour.  I sholuld have gone straight for gouache but I was still feeling a bit unwell and I thought watercolour would be quicker if I could make it work…


Well, it turns out I couldn’t make it work.  🙂  Somehow, although my sketch was ok during the process of painting I lost something of how this little fella really looks.  I guess the painting looks something like a dog, but it’s not Buddy.  So I had another go.  This time I used gouache as my medium.  I laid down an undercolour which was a kind of average colour of Buddy’s coat and then layered it with all the colours I could see in him.

This is how it turned out:


Now although this picture’s not perfect it does have a certain “Buddy-ness” to it, which is the most important thing.  It’s the look he has when he’s concentrating on a treat which is being offerred to him.  I hope my friend will like it.  I mounted it and I will give it to her on Sunday if I am well enough for church.

(I’m still not great – I have had what the nurse thinks was chicken pox but I’ve had chicken pox three times before this time so I’m not sure of the diagnosis.  They said that they thought my immune system was just a bit low and my ability to fight this particular illness might be less than normal.  To be fair to them I did have a rash which looked a lot like chicken pox and the timings seemed to fit with that idea.  Anyway, I’m on the mend now I think although I’m still feel a bit unwell – with a headache and sore-throat.  I wonder if it’s some kind of virus.)

Here’s the final package all wrapped up and ready to go:

painting ready for my friend


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