Quick Sketch with Paint – Horse

I had a bit of a tough weekend – first someone stole money from me.  It wasn’t a small amount either and it’s just before Christmas which makes things really hard because I need to get my son and the rest of my family’s Christmas presents and still pay all my bills.  Plus my confidence is shattered by what they’ve done.  Then the next morning my heating broke down.  So I had to get that repaired too.  Because I got stressed about all of that and cold because of the lack of heating – now I feel quite unwell again.  I suspect it’s just a cold or something coming on but it makes painting more difficult.  I wonder, do the people who steal like this have any clue how hard it is for honest folk when they do these things to us?  Do they know how wicked and cruel their actions are?

Anyway, because I’m feeling unwell I decide to paint something really quick today.  It’s not really a painting – more of a sketch in paint:

Horse Sketch Painting Jo Fox_WEB


It’s done in gouache and it took about 20 minutes.  I think my favourite bit of the whole picture is the colour of the background – I just love that saffron yellow.


10 thoughts on “Quick Sketch with Paint – Horse

  1. Hi,

    I’m OK – thanks for asking. 🙂 I’ve just got a bit of a heavy cold so I’ve not been on my PC for a while now. My son goes back to school on Tuesday so I can get our home looking less like the scene of some kind of battle and then get some rest which will be good. Best wishes for the new year and the new term. Jo

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  2. Hi Dave, thanks for asking – that’s very kind. I’m OK. Was in hospital yesterday for a test and some biopsy’s. The consultant said he saw nothing that I should worry about so it’s all good news! Hope you have a Happy Christmas, Jo


  3. Thanks! I wish I had more time to paint at the moment but I’ve got a lot of other stuff to deal with. I’ll get back to it in the new year I hope!


  4. Jo, I love your horse with the golden LIGHT! its mane especially is so lush and full. Wonderful painting! I’m really sorry that someone has stolen from you; it makes it harder to deal with the Other things that life deals out. in my experiences… the thieves, usually are so drug altered their minds do not process things like Empathy. You have painted a wonderful horse, filled with light and I hope there will be a cascade of Good people to make up for whats happened!

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