Normally, when I paint, I try to create a picture based on something which I’ve seen which is beautiful.  Today I tried to do someting a bit different.  Instead of painting using my eyes to guide me (metaphorically)I tried to paint something from my heart (metaphorically).  Explaining that more clearly I tried to paint a feeling rather than something I could see.  I find this sort of thing really difficult.  A lot of the time I’m not sure what I’m feeling.  However, being a mum and raising a wonderful son, I know the feeling of being with him and all being well for both of us.  For me I call this feeling ‘Home’ because it means love and safety and belonging.

Now my son is a fabulous teenager right now so in the image I made him smaller to make it clear what the relationship is between the two figures (he’s actually bigger than me now!!!).

I began with a sketch of the kind of image I wanted in biro.  I wasn’t concentrating too much (I was watching the ‘Big Bang Theory’ – yay!) and this helped to kind of disengage my brain and let my feelings guide the image a  bit.

biro sketch home


Then I had a play around with the colours and the paint to get a feeling of how I wanted to do it.  Because there was no pressure with this painting sketch I was really able to relax while I was painting it.  It was kind of fun!

testing colours home


Then I began the actual painting:

Home start


And here’s how it turned out:



I think it’s OK, but part of me likes the loose and easy lines of the painting sketch where I was testing the colours more.  I’ve always admired that loose painterly style which some folk have developed but I find it almost impossible to do when it counts.

I think buying some more paint might help.  One of the things that really forces me to be constrained is when I can’t afford to waste any paint because I’m running low.  I don’t think art works well when it’s done in a timid and conservative way; it has to have a ‘generosity of spirit’.


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