Finding my Rhythm Again

Having been unwell for a few weeks I’m really happy to say that I’m much better now.  I still have one more test at the hospital but I’m unlikely to be re-admitted (hopefully).  When I first thought about painting again today it felt like an “uphill stuggle”  (well if I’m being metaphorical – it actually felt like rock-climbing up a face with a nasty overhang on crumbly sandstone).  I’m just totally out of step with all of this.

Luckily I’ve been a teacher for half my adult life.  I know how to help children and young people in this situation so I decided to apply all of that to myself – and it worked!  Basically, if a student is stuck or struggling one of the main things I do is to break down the task into smaller and smaller pieces until you get to something totally easy – even if that easy mini-task is much much easier that what was originally being taught.  It doesn’t matter – what matters is finding a solid place to start and getting your rhythm going and your confidence up.  So I looked back as some of the gesture drawing I did months ago.  I picked one and decided to try to quickly sketch it in gouache paint.  My aim wasn’t to make anything brilliant but to just let it the process start to work inside me again so I can feel the rhythm of it.


So here is the first gesture drawing I decided to paint:



Now I couldn’t find the original picture I used as a reference so I had to work with what I know (and what a don’t know) about the human body.

So here are a couple of process pictures:

male process1


male process 2


I really enjoyed the freedom to use paint in the same way I use a pencil and just be free and a bit rough with it.

Here’s how it finally  turned out:

man paint sketch_fin_web

I’m going to do a least one more of these quick painting sketches (this one took 15 minutes) over the next few days.

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