The Wave – Light Through Water

Today I did another exercise following a painter on YouTube.  Again I wanted to look at light and highlights.

This video is by a chap called Mural Joe.


What I wanted to concentrate on in this exercise is how to get the wave to look like it has light coming through it.  I applied the same rules as I did on the mountain study for glowing light – I made the sections where I wanted light to glow through the water lighter and of a stronger colour (in this case a blue/green).

I painted this in gouache.  I began with a simple background gradient:


Then I painted in the wave and then had incredible fun playing with painting the foam in the foreground.  I really loved working on that bit!

Here’s how it turned out:


I’m really pleased with this painting.  I can see some improvements I would make if I painted it again – like I would work on the curvle of the wave as it falls in the centre of the picture making that fall more gradual from left to right.  I would also put the main wave higher in the picture next time so there is more room for all that fun with the foam on the receeding wave.  Generally thought I like this one.  🙂


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