Gold Hill – Line and Wash Part 2

Today I had a go at putting a watercolour wash over my ink drawing of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

I began with the countryside in the background, using strong saturated colour near the houses and weaker paler colour for the land in the distance.


Then I began top work on the lighter parts of the houses.


Then finally I finished it.

goldhill painting FIN_WEBIf I did this picture again I thin I would change two things.  (1) I would paint the door and windowsills  of the house with a drainpipe running right down the middle of it a pale blue rather than the green which they are in real life.  This would help balance the picture I think since it has no blue in it.  (2) I would suppress teh colour of the trees you can see over the top of the houses in the near distance so they are brighter than th far distance but more muted than those right next to the houses int eh street itself.  This would help with the illusion of distance.  Other than those two things I’m pretty pleased with it.   🙂


I think this is the first line and wash I’ve made which I like.


8 thoughts on “Gold Hill – Line and Wash Part 2

  1. Jo I love this picture. You are good at critical reflection as well. Leaving the pipe and windowsills green make it authentic but if you wanted some blue perhaps you could put some blue tint in the road and a light blue wash for tge sky above the mountains to balance. You are an incredible artist and I am very pleased to know you.

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