Gold Hill – Line and Wash Part 1

Over the next couple of days I want to have a break from studying shadow colours and make a ‘line and wash’ picture.  When I was in my twenties I went to Gold Hill which is a place in the town of Shaftesbury down in Dorset.  I had seen it before on the TV becuase it was used as the location for the Hovis bread adverts.  It’s basically an old fashioned street on a steep hill.


Here’s a photo:

referencephoto_goldhill(Credit for this photo belongs to ‘Updown Cottage’ as far as I can tell.  This is a cottage that is actually on Gold Hill!)

I think it makes a really interesting subject for a line and wash painting.  So I began with an ink drawing:



(It’s raining today so I couldn’t light this image for the photograph very well – hence the darker sections – sorry.)

I used a proportianal divider to draw this ink drawing since the buildings sit in a variety of different orientations and finding all the vanishing points was too confusing.


A divider helps me see the relative sizes and positions of things even when I’m scaling up from an image (or a collection of images) on my PC.  I normally just make some dots for fixed points and then draw a skeleton frame of the main shapes.  After that the actual shapes and the details are easy to put in.

It was lovely and relaxing to go back to ink drawing.  It is my most native medium.  Tomorrow I’m going to put a watercolour wash over it.  It took quite a while to draw – I hope the wash goes OK.     🙂

4 thoughts on “Gold Hill – Line and Wash Part 1

  1. It is a beautiful drawing, well done! I can understand your trepidation, I would feel the exact same but if you drew it once….you can draw it again….I am sure everything will go great with the wash though!!

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