Figure Painting 2 of 2 (contains partial nudity) – ‘Retreat’

I finished my figure painting today.  I played around with the light, especially the reflected light on the dark side of the woman I was painting.  I also corrected some errors and filled in some gaps.  Then I painted the background.  I wanted to keep it plain and dark to clearly show the figure.

I feel happy with the final result.  It feels to me like I’ve got to a place (metaphorically) I’ve long been travelling to in terms of my painting.  (That’s not to say that there’s not a long way still to go – just that I’ve wanted to be as comfortable in paint as I am in pencil and as able to paint what’s in my head as I can draw it for a very long while and that’s happening now.)

I’ve called the painting  ‘Retreat’


2 thoughts on “Figure Painting 2 of 2 (contains partial nudity) – ‘Retreat’

  1. Keep up the great work Jo. Gouache? I love the medium though I seem to have no time for any kind of manual graphic art work at the moment – I’m long out of practice anyway.

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