A Woman in a Towel – Grisaille Underpainting (Please be aware this post has some nudity in it)

Hmm, I’m still feeling fairly unwell today, but rather than sit around feeling sad I thought I’d do a little bit of painting but not so much that it tires me out.  I want to try using what I think is called a ‘Grisaille Underpainting’ for a Gouache picture.  I got the idea from this brilliant You-Tube video:


In it the artist, Hajra Meeks, uses three different gouache techniques for painting a leaf.  The one which really stood out for me is the Grisaille one becuase it had more tonal range and looked stronger as an image.

I decided to paint a gouache picture of a woman I’ve previously drawn in charcoal:


Now I remember when I drew this that I was unhappy with the woman’s proportions so I aim to corect that too in this painting.

Because I want to use cream and brown flesh tones I decided to use a bluish colour for my underpainting – a mixture of blue and black.

Here is my sketch:



And here is the finished underpainting:



Tomorrow I’m going to paint over the top and see what that looks like.




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