Stoats Playing – Watercolour

I get the BBC Wildlife Magazine from time to time.  I used to have a subscription too.

bbc wildlife mag

This edition is from a few years ago and has some wonderful photography in it by a chap called Oriol Alamany.  The picture which really caught my eye is this one of a couple of stoats playing:


Painting such a complex picture is a something which seesm a bit daunting to me but I’m trying to get better and learn to tackle more complex pictures. So I had a go.

Here’s the skecth:


And here’s the final painting:


Mostly I just used layers of washes for this picture  and blended the darker shadow washes into the original colour.  This time I also tried to use a dry brush technique to give the moss on the stones a bit more depth.  For this I used an old brush with the bristles cut short.  Before I’ve only ever dry brushed small metal figures which I’ve been painting so this was  a new adventure.  It was different from painting on figures – where you’re relying on the raised parts of the figure sculpt to put more paint on some areas and less on others and use can use that shape for some great effects.  With paper it’s more about how I wanted th paint to go on which gives me more control and more responsibility.



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