The Golden Age of Steam

I’ve always loved steam trains.  I love the smell of them and the way the train rocks and the sound of the wheels and the engine.  In a couple of weeks time I’m going with my son and a couple of friends from Church to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  I can’t wait!!  I’ve hear that you can now see the Hogwarts Express there too!!!

HP Studio Tour

So thinking about all of this I downloaded some photos of a number of steam trains and had a go at painting one today.  I’m still feeling quite under the weather, but I love painting and I miss it when I don’t do it for a day so I had a go.  My thinking was that I would not put it up here in a post if it turned out too bad!


Most of the way through I was thinking that it wasn’t really a good job. I was massively frustrated with my lack of detail but I kept myself to a process where you paint the main shapes first and then the shapes within the shapes and then the shapes within those shapes adn then start joining it together with shadows and light.  It really showed me today how painting is an act of faith, becuase at first it looked nothing like what I was going for and, given that I was still feeling unwell, I made a lot of mistakes too – blobs of paint falling onto the paper, painting sections of colour when the adjacent section wasn’t yet dry and getting the paint bleeding through and generally mucking it up all over the place.  However, my trusty kitchen roll got me out of most of that and what I couldn’t repair I painted over.  The end result is OK but to me feels a bit flat.  It doesn’t have that jump-off-that-page beauty which I always a feel a big red steam engine should have.  That said at least it does look like a train which is more than it dod at the beginning!


Here is my pencil contruction work for the sketch:


Here is the sketch itself:


And here is the final painting:

Steam Train_FIN_WEB

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