Poppies – an experiment

I saw this unusual and fascinating approach to painting flowers in a more abstract way on You Tube.  It’s by Joanne Boon Thomas:


I really wanted to try it. I thought it would give me more practice at working with my new paints and be quite fun too!

I worked on an A3 piece of watercolour paper.  (It doesn’t have a watermark so I just hope I got it the right way around!)  I used my new Winsor and Newton Professional half pans.

This is the first wash.  You wet the flower area and then drop in colour and allow it to mix.  Then, with lots of water and paint still there you let it run down the paper.  I really like the streaks which come when you blow on it so I did that to encourage it to run.

Then you paint in basic stalks and flowerbuds.

P1 - poppies

The once this was dry I painted wet on dry with stronger colour and then softened it with a wet brush into the shapes I wanted.  It turned out much better than I expected and was dead easy to do.  I really really like this technique.  I wonder what else can be painted in this way?…


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