White Orchid Paintings – more colour fun!

Today I photographed a white orchid I have growing in my kitchen.  It was a Mother’s day present from 2 and half years ago.  The amazing plant is still flowering!


I find the shape and form of these flowers really beautiful.  I also love the way this delicate green shades into the flower in the middle.  There’s also this delicate pink to the edges of some of the outer petals which you can only see in some kinds of light.

I made a painting of the flowers:


…and then went on to make a card for a member of my family who’s having a birthday:

orchid card

I found the orchid to be quite a difficult subject with it’s complicated shape and very gentle colour.  It was really enjoyable to work on though.



7 thoughts on “White Orchid Paintings – more colour fun!

  1. I love your flowers. I just came over to your site and saw all these wonderful little paintings, next thing I knew I was pushing the like button all over the place. The chameleon was so cute but then I saw the flowers and I love love love flowers. You are talented.

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  2. Thank-you. I did find it tricky, because when I really looked there were so many shade and colours in the petals. I did enjoy it. I’ve always loved flowers.


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