Storms and Sun

Yesterday I worked on my first ever painting of a stormy sky.  Last night I looked up a number of You Tube videos about painting skies in watercolour.  One of the best was this one by Ekaterina Smirnova:

So I decided to give it a go:



Here’s how it turned out:


It’s interesting that in this sky, although the clouds are dark and threatening, because the lighter half of the picture is at the top where we normally expect it, it doesn’t have the same intensity as yesterday’s picture.

Obviously it’s going to take some practice (well quite a lot of practice!), but I think, if I keep working at it I should be able to make some ok skies eventually.   🙂

My thanks to Ekaterina for the lovely video!


5 thoughts on “Storms and Sun

  1. Thanks – I’ve always been in awe of the scene when the sun pours out from behind coulds and you can see the rays in the sky. One day I want to be able to paint that properly. 🙂 Thanks again!

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  2. I found it really quite hard – but I’m going to keep on practicing. I really like Smirnova’s picture 🙂 The foreground colour is payne’s grey with a little ultramarine and a little crimson to push it a bit towards violet. Thanks !

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