Complementary Butterflies

I began working through my watercolour book today in earnest.  I reread quite a bit of the beginning and decided to try to put into practice as much as I can of what I learn.  As I read through the section on complementary colours I thought I might make a good exercise to draw three similar pictures using only shades of complementary colours – so one in green and red, one in orange and blue and one in yellow and purple.  It’s quite tricky using only a colour and it’s complement because when you add the two together you just  get a type of grey so they have to be put down in seperate washes to stop them getting all muddy.

I have a bookmark I’m using at the moment which has a butterfly on it.  I was doodling on it last night.


This gave me the idea of drawing three differently coloured butterflies for this exercise.  Here’s how it turned out:

complementary buterflies_FIN_WEBAlso, during this exercise I worked on trying to get my watercolours to have stronger colour.  The colours were quite bright but I found it hard to control the pigment.  I’m not particularly happy with the results this time but it was a good learning exercise.


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