A Golden Barn Owl

Having played around with a barn owl pastel drawing yesterday my dreams were full of owls. (It didn’t help that I was listening to the audiobook of J. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ before going to sleep and Ron’s tiny owl ‘Pig’ was buzzing around the main characters like crazy.)  In the dream I painted a beautiful Barn Owl in acrylics using just blues and browns with some gold highlights.  Although this post is getting published on a Friday I tend to work a few days ahead of my blogs so for me it’s Saturday.   I don’t normally paint on Saturdays but  I really wanted to have a quick go at the picture in my mind before it disappeared.  So I made a sketch:


And then decided to paint it in watercolour because that’s much quicker and easier than acrylics (less cleaning up).  However, in the dream I used gold highlights and I only have gold paint in acrylic – so, for the first time, I made a painting using two types of paint – watercolour and acrylic.  This is the gold plaint I used:

gold paint

And this is the way it shines when the light hits it:


Here is the final painting:



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