Abstract Owl in Pastels

I didn’t realise before how good pastels are for sketching images out in colour before painting them, and for playing around with ideas.  Today I worked on a slightly absract picture of an owl.  I have this idea in my head of what the final painting will be like and I wanted to see what kind of colour to use.  For this one I chose greens and blues but having seen it I think I should try to rework it just ising the colours of the barn owl in the background too.  I think that might look really effective.

So here’s the picture with a green and blue background – not my final colour choice I think…

barn owl abstract_FIN_WEB

4 thoughts on “Abstract Owl in Pastels

  1. I was asking because I used oil pastels, and got so frustrated with them I threw them out…I love the way your chalk pastels look…I’m so glad I saw this post…I hate wasting paint on “tests”, pastels is definitely a great way to test out ideas first and see if they will work as a painting! I will try again with my chalk pastels…my daughter used them to dye her hair…and many of my colours are missing…but I will consider buying more if I can get results like yours!!! Thanks for sharing!

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