Holiday Painting #4

The last holiday painting I did is of the plants outside the dining room window in the Centre we were staying in – ‘Heatree Activity Centre’

Here’s my reference:

art_window_reference_WEBI decided to leave out the building opposite to keep things more simple.  I’d never realised before I read this brilliant watercolour tips book I was readig at the time that you are allowed to miss things out.  It’s kind of liberating, but also kind of a lie.  I’m sure how I feel about the practice really.

So here’s the picture:


4 thoughts on “Holiday Painting #4

  1. Thanks. I think that’s what attracted me to draw the foliage from the window. I’d walked all around this huge activity centre with beauty everywhere, but this view (from teh farmhouse dining room) really seemed to work. It’s not as clear in the photo because you can’t see the rose at the bottom very clearly, but in real life, seeing it in 3D, it was much closer to the window and so really came through strongly.

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  2. I think there is usually an “artistic license” clause, which gives the artist the freedom, so if you choose to omit an aspect of a landscape it is up to you….this is a lovely rendition of outside your window. You have a soft , gentle nature to work painting….lovely!

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  3. I like the balance of the composition of this pictures – the way the branches and leaves create almost a circle.

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