Watercolour Postcards – Earth and Air

As I said yesterday, a little while ago I bought some postcards made of watercolour paper which you can paint on.  Below are the second two in a four card series depicting Fire, Water, Earth and Air.  Here are Earth and Air:


This picks up the earth which makes up the rolling hills of Dartmoor.  It’s more stylized than the other designs.  I might do this one again at some point.

Next – Air


I painted a butterfly to hint at air – since it’s a  flying creature, but also used blue swirl shapes to give substance to what is otherwise an invisible element.

As a painting surface the postcards were great – much better than I thought they might be.  They didn’t even need stretching for this level of painting, although if I was going to do more than one wash I might stretch them.

9 thoughts on “Watercolour Postcards – Earth and Air

  1. Thanks! It’s really interesting that a fellow church member on the trip also made a picture of dartmoor – using silk painting which she’s really good at. Quite independently she used the same style. Thanks again.


  2. I wonder what your latest post picture would look like with that same ‘glass window’ approach?

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  3. Thanks – I was thinking of doing a less styalized version of the landscape which is more in keeping with the set, but I got caught up trying watercolour portraits today.

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  4. I think you captured Earth and Air really well! I have had some strathmore watercolor postcards hanging around somewhere….


  5. I like the stylised, almost stained glass character of the landscape and the butterfly has great colour combination. Nice work.

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