The Fish and the Moon – Part 1 – Inspiration and Sketching

The first line and wash painting I did is one which uses the swirly, curly sea look which you sometimes see in eastern paintings.  Something like this:

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾北斎)

and like this:

By Hyakka Ryoran

I want to put a giant whale or fish or even perhaps a boat in the middle and colour it with watercolours.

So I began to sketch out lots of ideas.  I could feel what I wanted but couldn’t quite see it clearly in my mind.  Drawing lots of quick rough sketches helps me to play around with ideas and focus them into coherant picture.

So here are my sketches:




sketch4and5 sketch6 sketch7 sketch8 sketch9 sketch10Do this, gradually I found out how I wanted my picture to look.  Each sketch took about a minute.  The final sketch is quite close to what I eventually chose to draw, except that I discarded the seahorse as the sea looks pretty fierce in this picture and, if memory serves, seahorses don’t do well in strong currents.  I chose a fish instead.

So I’ll be drawing out my final design – tomorrow!       🙂

3 thoughts on “The Fish and the Moon – Part 1 – Inspiration and Sketching

  1. Me too – Japanese culture seems to see things a little differently to my own culture and I enjoy the way Japanese art represents the world.


  2. Japanese woodcut art is so magnificent! Your sketches look like so much fun, I can feel the energy of your ideas…looking forward to the final design.


  3. I love Japanese woodcuts and their style so I’m looking forward to seeing how this work turns out!

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