Aquascaping #2

Today I’m going to look at the third and fourth aquarium I set up.  As before, my aim here was firstly to set up as near perfect a place for my fish to live as I could but also to make the tank a living work of art.

The third tank was the biggest.  It was a 126 litre Angel Fish aquarium:

126angeltank_bigAs well as the angels:

golden angelI also had Lemon Tetras, Corydorus julii, a Ruby Shark and some Amano shrimp:

126lemon126julii126rubyshark126shrimpI also had a pair of bristlenose catfish but never managed to photograph them!

My last tank was based in this brilliant book:

37book‘The Ecology of the Planted Aquarium’ by Diana Walstad.  It was a fantastic book which not only shows you how to balance plants and fish in a completely natural way but explains all the water chemistry behind it.  It was a 37 lire ecological aquarium.

55ecostableIt has gravel on the top and John Innes No 3 underneith that to give the plants a proper growing environment without resorting to expensive artificially made aquatic substrates.  In here I put a variety of fish.  First I used it for a growing on some Kribesis I had bred in a temporary tank.  Then I grew on some female bettas (fighting fish). Then I put a small school of baby rummy nosed tetras in there with a male siamese fighter and a bristlenosed cat.  (Fish I grew on went to my local store to be sold.)

It was my favourite tank and I have a similar set up now.  I like it because instead of tweaking the environment this tank is based around being completely natural.


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