Aquascaping #1

These are photos of some of my aquariums.   (I currently have just one but there was a time (when I was a bit fitter) when I ran 4 tanks in various places in my home.)  I think the thing I really loved about fishkeeping is the task of setting up a perfect environment for my fish and making it into a beautiful calm aquascape too.  It’s like painting with life.  My favourite aquarist is Takashi Amano who is world renouned for making the most beautiful natural aquariums.  Here’s a link to some of his work: Takashi Amano

Today I’m going to look at the first two I set up:

The first is a 20 litre tank.  This was my first fish tank.  I kept in it a Siamese Fighting Fish and two pygmy corys.

small tank

Here’s a slightly closer look:

small tank insideAnd here’s a close up of the Fighter ‘Anthony’ (my son named him).

bettaclearAnd here’s a close up of a pygmy cory.  These are different from regualr corydorus species because they are mid water feeders.  They’re amazing – they kind of hover in the middle of the tank.  That said they will also pick up food from the gravel too.

pigmycoryMy second tank was a 68 litre Amano style tank with added CO2 (don’t worry it’s not bad for the fish – it’s only on in the daytime and all the CO2 is taken up straight away by the plants who replace it with O2 making the tank highly oxygenated.  Fish and plants flourish.  I built the CO2 system and daylight lighting rig myself.

This is how the tank looked when first set up:

initialset up of 68 litre jungle tankBut it soon grew very strongly.  In here I put Tiger Barbs and Corydorus.  They were beautiful:

68tiger2Here is the same tank after a short period of growth:

68tank2The plants produced oxygen so strongly in this tank that they would form oxygen bubbles on the leaves.  This was taken in this tank:


2 thoughts on “Aquascaping #1

  1. I know what you mean, but I feel OK if they’ve lived a good long happy life. I’m going to use the tank for a terrarium once these fish have lived out their natural lives. 🙂


  2. I’d like to keep fish or perhaps have a terrarium as I know I’d be upset when the fish passed away.

    Liked by 1 person

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